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7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

For an ecommerce website to work in its fully functional way, you would like to be ready to accept payments from all of your customers. This would be the essential and last step after all your hardwork, so you want to choose the best one.

Even if you already have a successful and up & running website, or may have freshly started on ecommerce platform, they are plenty of options available for payments process. All you need to do is know what are your requirements and the benefits of the company, and if they match then you are already on the right direction. Along with that, you should considers all kinds of your customers and their requirements, in order to provide maximum options that is multiple payment methods and optimization to them.

The most important thing which comes in mind about payment process is security. Whatever your choice might be in selecting the right method, it should be highly secured option, and fast to complete the whole process. And while you are running your own ecommerce site you need to have process payments online which would without a payment gateway. You definitely would want any payment gateway to ensure secure and online payment authorization, as almost all the clients in today’s date prefer online payment over the hectic money transfer process.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

Any payment gateway would act as an intermediator for all the online websites and the payment owner. So in short all the process between these two parties involved is handled with utmost security with the help of these payment gateways.

What if there was no gateway existed? Then multiple types of frauds may take place, like frauds may have access to your cards or make illegal transactions when even you get notified. In this the payment gateways transmit the data from merchant, acquirer, bank information and you, to make the card secure from unwanted frauds. And along with that it can also protect you from inadequate funds, discontinued accounts, expiry cards and credit limits.

How does a payment gateway work?

Step 1: After customer clinking on checkout options or at the start of payment process, they can place an order

Step 2: The merchant available will pass on the data with high security to the payment gateway. Then customer have to choose their choice of option for payment option. After the selection the control goes to authentication page to check the data with bank or the associated partner.

Step 3: In this step, the customer’s process is either successful or cancelled, by checking all the data card data as well as the funds available in clients account.

Step 4: After this the gateway informs merchant side about the status.

Step 5: The information is balanced along with the bank and finally the payment gateway transfers money to required party.


7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

Being just a new start up, they have immensely grown and proven to be fast and efficient in the process. You may think of maximizing your business payment API with help of this. Along with this, after the payment is completed, the client will return to the same page like previous, unlike other gateway options. According to the experience, it observed that for clients having credit cards have found smooth processing. They have entered into the market of few nations including USA. This would be a perfect choice for the businesses who want to be active internationally without any system hassle.

Few brands that are currently using Stripe are Shopify, GitHub, etc

2.Amazon Pay

7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

Well and widely known and handled by all level brands, this is used by small to huge businesses, merchants to clients or customers. Thoroughly secured, useful, easy and optimized, it helps facilitate smooth buying for all kinds of products. Used for check-ins as well as checkout, all kinds of cards are accessible through Amazon Pay for the customers. Amazon Payments stores the data which comes along the flow of backend database, and makes complete use of it. Now along with all international languages, its available in the local country languages in particular nation, hence its widely accepted and understood.

 The processing fee for domestic transactions stands as 2.9%, in addition to $0.30 per transaction and the international fees might vary around  3.9%. All top brands that have Amazon Pay as their payment gateway are Magento, Lootcrate, Forever 21, Rothys, Purple, Lenovo and more.

Advantages of Amazon Payment Gateway-

  • No additional charges for their services provided.
  •  Can be easily integrated into any e-commerce website and is customizable.
  • It is 100% secure and reliable for all levels of businesses.

How to create Amazon Pay Gateway option for a website/brand:

  • For this you need to have your own account.
  • After login, go to your username at your screen’s top right and then to Settings > Payments > Setup Payment Gateway.
  • In the drop down list shown select Select Amazon Pay Click create gateway.
  • You now have the page of Gateway configuration, where you need to state down all the requirements like Seller ID, Store Name, MWS Auth Token, Seller Transaction Note, to Verify updated payment method and so on.
  • Go on select save gateway information option.

3.Google Checkout/Google Pay

7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

Google Pay also known as Google Checkout is being used in various countries like US, India, Europe. It’s generally used for storing funds, but transferring money is also a lot easier and while online shopping you would definitely prefer this. Great option for e-commerce brands because its reliable, fast, and comparative to other payment gateways the processing fee is a lot less so you will me in more profit. Also Android users can have Google Pay app downloaded on their mobile phones, make payments, and digitally be able to store their payment information. It provides virtual wallet, various online offers, and shopping access.

Advantages of Google Checkout Payment Gateway

  • The processing fee is less compared to all other payment gateways.
  • Any account integration setup with e-commerce platforms and business stores is easily possible.
  • Its in merge with AdSense so you can easily use both platforms

4.Apple Pay

7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

Like all other payment gateways its one of the best and secured options.While there being lots of advantages, only drawback is they can be used only by Apply device users and brands. Other than that its used for purchasing in-store and  in apps with utmost security and ease. Money can be easily transferred for all types of payment methods or cards. Few cards used for payment are Visa card, American Express, Suica, Master and Quick Pay. Top brands using Apply Pay are Starbucks, Etsy, Uber, Adidas, United Ways, IBM, GoDaddy and many more.

Advantages of Apple Pay-

  • They use NFC technology for avoiding fraudulent activities and provides maximum safety
  • Is in sync with many banks and credit cards like Visa, Suica, MasterCard and American Express
  • Device number of Apply is stored and used in order to ensure safety.


7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

One of the rapidly growing payment company and provides effortless solutions for getting the payments for international transactions. Payoneer has the provision of making transactions over internationally without needing to go use any payment services of third party. Their transaction fee is as less as 2% globally applicable for their users having Payoneer account. Along with this they will provide their users an ATM Debit card that would contain Mastercard logo where user can withdraw the money at ATM machines that’s Mastercard acceptable.

Advantages of Payoneer are –

  • They have provided minimal withdrawal amount of $1.
  • In the trial period, they have given 2 free of cost cash withdrawal
  • Along with real time transfers they have comparatively good exchange rates

How to register-

  1. Go to Payoneer site and click on Sign up button
  2. On the page asking requirements, mention the details and you need to attach any of your government ID like Driving license, National ID or Passport.
  3. After that the form goes to approval. And soon after approval you will receive a mail regarding your card delivery.
  4.  As soon as your card is activated you can receive payment internationally.


7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

Established in 1996, this brand has ever since flourished in the payment gateways stream, proved to be reliable over the years. Its now one of most popular payment gateways giving services to multiple e-commerce business. Their merchants and clients use electronic checks as well as credit cards to fulfill their brands requirements. Its mainstream strength is where they  help transfer funds into any bank within no time and immediately, and this becomes very useful to all kinds of businesse, whether be it small or huge ones.

All their clients and merchants are provided with their own interface for using business accounts. Although its now wholly owned by Visa, their part of shares are still intact. They are used by brands like Evolve IP LLC and Campus Management Corporation.

Advantages of Authorize.Net Payment Gateway-

  • Suppoted by different currencies
  • Extremely secure and robust
  • No hassle and no long-term contracts


7 Best payment gateway for your ecommerce business

PayPal is now most fastest growing widelt known and accepted method of payment, where every individual have come across.And at this current time its used by millions of websites and companies all over the world in almost all countries. Along with being fast, they are most secure and reliable and they help businesses makes millions of transactions per day easily. Its API is considered one of the best and most user friendly by many well known brand partner’s they work with.

In this their pricing is mostly for merchants as they have to pay for their respective transaction fees if in case they are using credit cards, MasterCard or for Visa payments. Apart from this, no charges are applied for gateway fees, setup expenses or any monthly charges. Yes but definitely they have applied 2.9% per transaction for processing fees

Well known who use their application are ASOS, Netflix, Adidas, Nike, Disney, etc.

If you want to set PayPal as your payment gateway method for your clients, then you may need to register for a Business account. And after that you can follow the steps given below-

In order to Create your account first login.

  1.  On the Top Menu press Shop
  2. On the left-hand menu press Shop Settings 
  3. Then on Payment Gateways
  4. You will see an Add New Gateway button, click on that
  5. Then in the corner click on PayPal logo
  6. You may need to choose PayPal Standard
  7. Give the required information displayed there
  8. Press on Add Gateway button and done.


The way today’s business is working, online payment gateway is a need more than an option. They are functional link between online businesses and payment processed, and hence security and speed is the vital part of its working. Through the many payment gateways we have listed, it’ll be easier to choose which one is suitable for your brands requirements and needs so that it help your cash flow grow smoothly. So may need to choose wisely!