Urban yog Acne Pimple Patch - 72 Invisible Facial Stickers cover with 100% Hydrocolloid (Acne Pimple Patch)

  • MADE USING NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Urban Yog Acne/Pimple Patch is 100% hydrocolloid which protects infected areas from dust & pollution in the air. It keeps the active acne from coming in contact with any pollutants so that it does not get worse.
  • HELPS IN HEALING ACNE: The pimple patch helps in absorbing the pus and fluids from the active acne and helps it heal. This assists in diminishing the acne overnight. So, just slip it in your bag when you go out and use it anywhere, anytime.
  • INVISIBLE UNDER MAKE-UP: Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patch is invisible under make-up so you can easily wear it outside. The acne patch in fact forms a layer between the make-up and acne so that it does not get affected.
  • EASY TO APPLY: The acne patch is easy to use. You need to remove the transparent covering and apply it in the center of the active acne. After applying it, if you notice that the patch has absorbed enough pus or fluids then you can replace it and use another one.
  • WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE DESIGN: Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patch is specially innovated in a way that it can be worn outside for the entire day. You can wear the pimple patch 24 hours a day. It is waterproof and allows your skin to breathe as well.

Be Bold | Be the Change

Be Bold Be the Change
Urban Yog represents the woman who believes in herself, takes bold decisions and brings change in the society.But, who is this woman?She is ME | She is YOU | She is in each one of usShe is a woman who cannot be fitted in a box, who is not defined by any parameters. Her uniqueness is her IDENTITY.
Don't scratch it, just patch it

MOUNTAINOR® Bye Bye Pimples Acne Patch For Teen’s – Hydrocolloid +Tea Tree Oil Potent patches, Fast Breakout Healing, Removal Of Acne Gunk, Waterproof Invisible Spot cover, Safe & Certified 36 Patches.

🏆Fast Breakout Healing: India’s First Natural Solution to Troublesome Acne & Pimples. Each Acne Patch Promotes Healing After Excretion with A Small Amount of Tea Tree Oil Infused Into Each Pimple Patch. Tea Tree Oil Acts as An Anti-Inflammatory for Acne, which Helps Your Zit Stickers Work Even Faster. ⏱️ RESULTS IN 6-8 HOURS- Work Quicker Than Other Acne Treatments and are Super Easy To Use Not Only Remove Gunk From Pimples But Heal The Acne Quickly & Painlessly Too. Apply The Pimple Patches Overnight and Let Their Magic Heal Your Acne! 🕊️ SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES- Can Be Applied to All Skin Types (Dry, Normal, Oily And Combination) Skin Types, They are Natural, Cruelty-Free, Does Not Contain Harmful Chemicals & Vegan And Can Be Worn Under Makeup. ✔️ QUICK & EASY TO USE- Clean & Dry Your Pimple Area, Choose the Right Sized Acne Patch, Carefully Peel & Stick the Pimple Patch on Your Pimple. These Patches are Virtually Invisible, So You Can Wear Them Anytime. Most People Typically Apply their Patches Before Going to Bed & Let the Acne Stickers Work, Gently Peel Your Acne Patches off & Repeat as Necessary. 🥇 MULTIPLE SIZES OF ACNE PATCHES- Big Or Small, We’ve Got You Covered. We Have Pimple Patches for All Sized Pimples. Our Acne Stickers Come with Small & Big Pimple Patches. This pack contains 36 pimple patches They come in 2 different sizes, 12 mm (12 patches) & 10 mm (24 patches).

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Organic Harvest Pearl Skin Brightening Facial Kit For Women/Men | 5 Easy Steps | Remove Dead Skin, Brightens & Lightens Skin Tone | Idea For All Skin Type | Paraben, Sulphate & Chemical Free – 50g

  • Deep Cleansing: Pearl facial kit for women, in its five step formula, thoroughly penetrates the skin pores and cleanses all the gunk and grime. In particular, the scrub ensures that the clogged pores are freed of any sort of contaminants.
  • Skin Shielding: Unlike the facial kits by other brands, Organic Harvest Pearl Facial Kit follows a wholesome approach. Herein, it not only cleanses and nourishes the skin, but also protects it using a sun protector to lock the benefits further.
  • Enriched With Vitamin C: Natural Vitamin C is important for healthy looking skin as it promotes collagen product and shields against UV rays. This ensures that your skin does not begin to sag before time. This facial kit contains the optimum quantity of organic vitamin C to perform this function.
  • Evens Out Skin Tone: The amalgamation of ingredients in Organic Harvest Pearl Facial Kit for Women skin lightening and brightening benefits. The steps in the Organic Harvest facial kit remove all the tan, leaving a supple, soft, and even skin behind.
  • Salon-Style Facial: Pearl Facial Kit by Organic Harvest is designed in a fashion to give you a salon like experience at home. It is basically a salon in sachets. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and all the stated steps, and you will have rejuvenated skin.

Get Salon Makeover, and Lighten/Brighten Skin Tone with Organic Harvest Pearl Skin Lightening Facial Kit for Women and Men

Many brands have formulated Pearl Facial Kit, but none of them have followed a wholesome approach like that of Organic Harvest. Organic Harvest facial kit operates on three goals, cleansing, nourishing, and protecting. This is done using the organic facial kit that follows five extensive steps to youthful skin. Being an anti-tan facial kit, it starts by cleansing, followed by anti tan scrub that gets rid of damage from sun exposure. Furthermore, the skin whitening facial kit moves on to provide you even toned, scar free skin with the help of a massage cream and face mask. Finally, the last benefit of protection is unveiled using the sun protector that shields and finally locks the goodness of previous steps.