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How Can I Loose Weight Without Diet or Exercise?

how can i loose weight without Exercide


you might be thinking that weight loss is not even possible if you can't work out that's not true in fact i'm going to be going over the ways that you can still achieve your weight loss school without exercise

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i'm a certified clinical nutritionist with i'm masters in nutrition human performance on my channel i'm typically talking about the science backed information that can make you feel amazing again and part of that is also making sure that you can achieve your weight loss goal even


if you can't exercise right now now i always get this question whenever it comes to around the fall or winter times especially for my east coast a and peep when there's just like some crazy snow store happening which i'm so unfamiliar with down here in la or maybe broke

your la or inter your arm or there's just some reason that you can't exercise and whenever that happens i always get a lot of questions asking can i still even achieve my weight loss goal if i can't exercise yes in fact you guys might have even heard that old

saying weight loss is eighty percent nutrition twenty percent working out or remind percent nutrition ten percent working out there's really no way to measure that but that rough estimation is actually really true now exercise especially walking is really amazing for tapping into that mechanisms helping to build strong muscles

and just overall toning your body and achieving the fitness goal that you're looking for but it's not the endall when it comes to weight loss or fat loss in fact nutrition is the key component for this and this is evidence time and time again especially with a and peeps

when they do go to reduce their exercise amount but switch over to more than nutrition strategies that'll be talking about today and they actually achieve their weight loss goals and wellness goals faster in fact sierra is a really classic example of this and i'll link her story down below

so you guys can check it out the main focus when you can't work out but you still will looking for that wellness goal or weight loss goal is to make sure that we can boost fat burning mechanisms while also making sure that we can increase the tidy or keep

sat tidy high so that brings me to rule number one is really making sure that you aren't starving yourself so calorie restriction in general can cause short-term weight loss i mean there's plenty of information around that i can't argue that but it's not necessarily sustainable in fact there's one


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