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How to create folders in wordpress media library

How to create folders in wordpress media library

Folders WordPress Plugin

Folders is a WordPress plugin that will help you quickly organize all of your Pages, Posts and Media in folders. Download Folders today for free to give it a try. You can always upgrade to the premium version to unlock unlimited folders for enhanced organization!

How to create folders in wordpress media library


  • Unlimited subfolders (multilevel support) *
  • Dynamic Folders *
  • Create folders for each post type. I.e. WooCommerce, Elementor *
  • Metadata details on Media Library hover *
  • Upload folders with all its content *
  • Sort folders based on the date *
  • Replace media of all types and compare them while replacing *
  • Advanced Media Replacements *
  • User access restriction *
  • Default folder while uploading media *
  • Sticky folders & folder bookmarking *
  • Duplicate folders *
  • Lock/Unlock folders *
  • Move files to trash before permanently removing *
  • Customize folder styles with fonts, custom colors & more *
  • Download folders as ZIP *
How to create folders in wordpress media library

Using this Plugin- You can do fast and Tenstion free managing your website content by

  • You Can manage Pages in folders
  • You Can manage Posts in folders
  • You Can manage WordPress Media Library files in folders
  • You Can Change the order and the hierarchy of your WordPress folders for each type of content
  • You Can Create sub-folders (up to 2 additional tiers)
  • You Can Drag and Drop

How can the folders WordPress plugin help you?

Organize your media folder

 use the plugin to create WordPress media library folders and keep your media files organized in folders and sub-folders. You can assign media library items to multiple WordPress folders.

Web developers 

organize your clients’ pages, posts, and media library files in folders while you develop the website and after the development is done. Among the many uses of WordPress folders, you can use folders to let your client know which pages are missing content.


managing your posts was never easier! Use folders to organize your posts based on topics, time, and more. You can also use folders to organize your wp media folder based on categories, dates, colors, and more.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

Step1: Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step2:Hover your mouse on Plugin and click on add new

Step3: Upload your Plugin

Step4: Activate your Plugin

Now it’s will work