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6 Ways to Earn through Digital Marketing?

In today’s world there are no more only traditional ways to earn money. You can earn by sitting at home, working faraway from your client or attending meeting’s through only Skype or Google Meet and so on.

In these various ways of earning online digital marketing is one of the leading and largest approach. But before getting into how to do that, lets first understand what’s Digital Marketing.

Understanding Digital Marketing and way to earn through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is like any other skill that you start to learn from the very basics and slowly be the Master of It. Digital Marketing is online medium where one can promote their services or products or get leads for their businesses. Through internet any one can get the information and access they need from anywhere for buying and selling, share the details throughout the globe. This had made business and startup’s smooth in terms of lot reaching to people, providing services and also getting work done faster from the last decade. We will together go through the various ways to earn by Digital Marketing, which are-

  1. Blogging
  2. Website Designing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Content Marketing

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Blogging is something that stands as an option for various brands and sites to attract readers and potential customers. It is an outstanding way to convert any kind of reader into a customer. Blogging is mostly sharing your opinion on any topic you choose and if you can write and research well on a topic that would be a definite cherry on the top. In blogging you can ask a reader to share email address and then send links of related blogs to their email address.

Also, you can use Google AdSense& generate revenue by Ads hosting. If you share any product link inside a blog for reference, and any reader purchases through that link, that can turn into an earning point. So, there are various advantages of opting to write for your own site or blogging for a well-known brand.

2.Website Designing

Website Designing is planning, organizing, generating and improving website with time. When a layout and idea is known to the creator, he can easily design a website. In this any designer has to go with the trend for making an appealing visit for a user. Making a site more light, introductory more with images than words, providing right and utmost viable information are few points a designer must understand. In these days of online working culture, one can design websites from the comfort of their home and earn money.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Like the traditional way of marketing, where one used to recommend a well-suited product to other, Affiliate Marketing goes with similar strategy, but only this is applied in online world. If you share a link to friends of some product you found interesting, and if they buy them, this is exactly what this is. Affiliate marketing is also known as Referral marketing, and till now many big companies have successfully applied it for a bigger market. You can mention a product link/referral link of some brand and earn every time anyone purchases through your link. This may vary according to the kind of marketing strategy a brand has. But nevertheless, you will earn efficiently through referral marketing


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its basically optimizing any site’s visibility and prospect while the search happens. It relies on search keywords and queries typed in the box and getting the most relevant search results. The end result will be maximum prospect of any site, for which the SEO specialist should aim for.

To earn money by SEO, the blogs or information written on a site should be content rich in terms of phrases and keywords with the aim getting search engine traffic at best. And any site ranking at the top in search list’s can gradually get best traffic. In SEO, there are various content writing which can be monetizing ways like Writing Articles, Glossaries, Videos, Product pages, pure suggestion pages, Infographics and much more.

5.Email Marketing

Email has the possibility to reach millions of buyers and users across the globe.It’s a way of marketing wherein senders send mail direct to the recipients, containing direct links of product purchase or information, or blog links, or any referral links and so on. Any content or links that the recipient thinks can be monetized, all can be possible through Email marketing.

There’s also an option of ‘unsubscribe’ to any site if the receiver does not wish to get any further mails, this obliterates any risk of fraud causing ahead. Email is widely used, as it has an option of pre created templates for various kinds, by which a sender can efficiently send mails to multiple users without have to create from basic. Due to the affluent reach of email, any product can be easily marketed with all its advantages as well as disadvantages. This may attract a recipient more because of the underlying information provided.

Only turn back is that in today’s world email we get in everyday have become countless, so there are very less chances of a user actually going through the email thoroughly. Hence the Email for marketing must be attractive and appealing so that the recipient must want to open it in a single look.

5.Content Marketing

Content marketing is basically providing free information of any product or services. But this has become a boom in few years because of various strategies brands use. Its very similar to blogging, the difference being content marketing is specific to products. This is used in searches of SEO. The search happens mostly in-

Trend search- Through query search people search about the most trending and ongoing products and content.

Researching- Then comes researching about articles on the same topic and getting to know their current production value and prices.

Comparison- This is the last step where customer or user compares various options available on prices and suitability, and finally buys the product.


Marketing online and earning has become easy and a new job available in this decade and will only bloom in coming years. With large scope of learning and growing in this industry, one gets to experience many strategies and methods through this work. Online marketing has become a must for every brand now. So, the need for hiring online marketing specialist will only increase with time.